ENDEVCO Corporation (www.endevco.com), a designer and manufacturer of instrumentation for vibration, shock, and pressure measurement, signed OCDM Associates (www.ocdm.com.br) as a sales representative for test and measurement products in Brazil.

ENDEVCO provides accelerometers, pressure sensors, and signal conditioners to South America’s aerospace, automotive, and general testing communities. OCDM is an established sales representation and technical sales and support organization with offices in Miami and Sao Paulo. It has supported South American aerospace, automation, rail, and automotive and off-road vehicle manufacturers for over 20 years.

With OCDM, ENDEVCO will have a direct presence in these growing markets, serving customers locally for the first time. This is expected to result in a higher level of support to customers of advanced instrumentation both in manufacturing and in test laboratories. In addition, OCDM will work with ENDEVCO customers in South American to introduce new technologies, partnerships, and new developments.

A correction was made to this item on Feb. 16, 2006. The original news release on which this item was based indicated OCDM Associates had been signed as ENDEVCO’s exclusive sales representative for Brazil. A subsequent update clarified that the agreement between the two companies is not an exclusive arrangement.