A new report by EMS Group (www.emsglobal.net), a provider of integrated pipeline and operations and management services, explains how the new Department of Transportation (www.dot.gov) rule, 49 CFR Part 192, distinguishes onshore gathering lines from other pipelines and production operations and establishes new safety requirements for onshore gathering lines in rural areas.

The good news, according to EMS, is that after years of quibbling over definitions, the new rule allows industry to apply a uniform standard for planning, reporting, and operating this type of asset. The bad news is that, for some gathering operators, the rule could mean big changes — and big challenges. For companies with pipelines reclassified as regulated gathering lines under the DOT rule — those near areas defined as non-rural – EMS says compliance could be a costly affair.

To help companies determine if they are affected by the new rule, EMS has developed a seven-point checklist. To read the full report, visit: