Emerson Process Management has reached an agreement with Canada-based software firm RtTech Software to jointly develop an Emerson Energy Management Information System that will be designed to provide real-time monitoring, analysis, and detection of excessive plant energy consumption.

This collaborative development initiative is part of Emerson’s Smart Energy Management initiative, which aims to improve industrial energy utilization globally.

Leveraging RtTech’s RtEMIS platform, the two organizations will work together to enhance the platform to accommodate Emerson’s first-principles models for key energy equipment.

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With the combination of RtEMIS and Emerson’s process models, users will be capable of analyzing and comparing three critical data points: The amount of energy a system is designed to use; what it has used over time; and what it’s consuming in the moment.

“From Emerson’s perspective, teaming with RtTech Software made great strategic sense,” said Peter Zornio, chief strategic officer for Emerson. “Their field-proven RtEMIS product already offers a lot of the functionality we were looking for in an Emerson Energy Management Information System and is built on top of the OSIsoft PI System, the enterprise historian of choice for a majority of our customers.”

Emerson’s Energy Management Information System dashboards and reports will aim to increase the visibility of site energy metrics, providing performance-improvement tools to users from field operators to plant management.

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