Emerson Process Management has launched a series of six brief videos entitled Temperature Insights to help engineers, technicians, operators and managers better understand and implement temperature measurement technology. The brief videos can be watched for free at www.rosemount.com/tempinsights.

Temperature is the most widely measured variable in the process industries. Variances in a process can have a significant impact on profits. If a temperature measurement is not accurate, repeatable, and reliable for any reason, it can have a detrimental effect on such things as process efficiency, energy consumption, product quality, and possibly process safety. It directly affects a variety of industries and applications including Oil & Gas, Power, Refining, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical and more.

The Temperature Insights video series is based upon The Temperature Guide to Industrial Temperature Measurement from Emerson. The book includes information on: the basics of temperature measurement; conversion tables; maintenance and calibration practices; proven results/application examples, and more. It also offers insights and answers to 30 common challenges in a variety of industries and applications from Emerson engineers.

Video titles are as follows:
•    RTD vs. Thermocouple
•    Thermowell Selection
•    Avoiding Long Sensor Wires
•    High Accuracy & Reliability
•    Benefits of Diagnostics
•    Installation Best Practices

To watch Temperature Insights visit www.rosemount.com/tempinsights. To learn more about Emerson’s Engineer’s Guide to Industrial Temperature Measurement, visit www.rosemount.com/tempguide.

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