FC-1114-Emerson_EIM500Emerson Process Management’s EIM Model 500 with TEC2 Electronics is an electric actuator for use in rotary and linear valve applications. The TEC2 electronics are designed to provide the visibility, insight and reliable control needed for effective plant operations. The TEC2 electronics provide ready information on actuator status and diagnostics intended to help operations avoid unscheduled maintenance. The Model 500, with its compact size, light weight, and advanced electronics, automates small valves used in tight piping configurations and can be utilized with a Remote Display Module for difficult-to-observe applications. With increased stem acceptance, the Model 500 accommodates a variety of valve mounting options. Maintenance and setup are simplified with a non-intrusive design that eliminates the need to open control compartments. Model 500 actuators utilize an open network control architecture allowing a range of topologies and protocols including Modbus, HART, Profibus, Foundation Fieldbus, DeviceNet, and Ethernet to integrate into existing or new communication networks.

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