Emerson Process Management now offers Valve Seat Leak Detection Services, including solutions for valve-seat leak detection, diagnostics, open inspect, OEM-certified repair, and replacement of Fisher control valves.

Emerson’s Instrument & Valve Services technicians measure internal valve seat leaks using transducers to detect a leak’s acoustic emission during pre-turnaround walk-downs, and for post-outage verification. Emerson says this method of “listening” to the sounds of valve seat leakage permits separation of leakage signals from high ambient background noise, increasing leak rate quantification accuracy.

“Now Emerson has the complete valve diagnostics toolbox, including the ability to check pressurized valves, which are required to remain closed during inspection,” Tucker Martin, technology services director for Emerson Process Management’s Instrument & Valve Services in Marshalltown, Iowa, said in a prepared statement. “We can provide our customers estimated valve seat leakage to aid them in making more informed decisions for prioritizing maintenance, repair or replacement of valves during turnaround planning.”

Emerson has selected Mistras Group, Inc., a researcher and manufacturer of acoustic emission technologies, as equipment provider for this offering. ?