p>Peter Zornio Keynote at Emerson Global Users ExchangeFollowing Steve Sonnenberg’s keynote address on Emerson’s state of business, Peter Zornio, chief strategic officer for Emerson Process Management, took center stage at this week’s Emerson Global Users Exchange in Anaheim, Calif. He said, “While it’s good to get the business update from Steve Sonnenberg, most of you that come here are engineers, and we know what the engineers say: ‘Show me the technology!’”

Ultimately, Zornio said Emerson’s goal is to have best-in-class products by having each individual product category be the best it can be in driving innovation and new functionality. Starting with this year’s Exchange, Zornio said Emerson will be categorizing its products into four main “buckets”:
•    Measure & Analyze: measurement and analytical devices, etc.
•    Operate & Manage: control systems, asset management, etc.
•    Control & Regulate: valves, final control elements, regulators, etc.
•    Advise & Support: services, software solutions, after-market services, etc.

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Highlights from Zornio’s new technology review that would be of particular interest to the FlowControlNetwork.com user include: 

Magnetic Flowmeter

Emerson has redesigned its magnetic flowmeter line to support severe-service applications, with certification for the most recent iterations of leading hazardous-area classifications.

Vortex Flowmeter

Emerson is showcasing a new vortex flowmeter that eliminates the need for bypass lines. The meter includes a metal diaphragm that blocks off the process (verifiable through a safety port) so the user can take the meter out of service and work on it without having to bypass the meter.

Threaded Vortex Meter 

Emerson is now offering a threaded (rather than flanged) vortex flowmeter option to enable drop-in replacement for some older meter types that feature threaded connections.

Coriolis Mass Flowmeter

Emerson’s Smart Meter Verification for Coriolis mass flowmeters is designed to allow end-users to remotely verify the operational parameters of the meter without having to go out in the field to verify operational parameters. The Smart Meter Verification option supports FOUNDATION Fieldbus and WirelessHART, and now, debuting at the Emerson Global Users Exchange, Emerson is introducing an EtherNet/IP module for Smart Meter Verification.

Ultrasonic Flowmeters for LNG Custody Transfer 

Emerson is debuting a new eight-path, custody-transfer ultrasonic flowmeter, featuring an in-situ prover to verify calibration of the meter without having to remove it from the process. 

Multiphase Flowmeter for Subsea 

Emerson’s Roxar business unit is introducing its third-generation of multiphase flowmeter. The meter features added robustness to ensure reliability and redundancy to limit the need for subsea maintenance.

Pressure Transmitter 

Emerson’s popular 3051 pressure transmitter now features a new Local Operator Interface (LOI), as well as an all-new diagnostic that checks wiring integrity. For example, the diagnostic would detect water or moisture in the terminal block of a pressure transmitter. Emerson is also showing a wireless version of the 3051 pressure transmitter with a polymer housing.

Temperature Transmitter

Emerson’s new 644 entry-level temperature transmitter is a modular design that is customizable for SIL2 applications. Emerson is also showcasing a new clip-on temperature transmitter that can be attached to the pipe without having to be physically inserted into the process line. 

Wireless Guided-Wave Radar Level Transmitter

Emerson is offering a “sneak peek” at its integrated guided-wave radar level transmitter with inherent wireless capability. While the product hasn’t been officially released yet, it is on display in the exhibition room. Public release is expected in the first half of 2013.


Emerson’s all-new Annubar is designed for drop-in replacement of an orifice plate, eliminating the need for new setup and wiring.

Integrated Level Measurement Solution
Based on feedback from customers who said they would prefer to buy a complete level solution rather than buying each component separately, Emerson is now offering an integrated level solution with visual indicator, sight chamber, and the sensor combined in a single solution.

Wireless On/Off Control Valve

While Emerson has offered a wireless valve positioner for some time now, the company is taking the next step with what it is touting as the world’s first wireless on/off control valve.

Linkageless Feedback for Digital Valve Positioner

This new capability eliminates the mechanical connection in the actual positioner feedback, instead employing an electronic sensor so there are no mechanical elements in the sensor. There is also a safety version.

All-New Integrated Electric Valve & Positioner

This electric-powered valve doesn’t use gas pressure to draw the valve, which means no venting of gas to atmosphere. Speaking of this solution, Zornio said, “Not only is it green in environmental sense, but you pay for that gas that is coming out of the regulated control valve, so it is green, and it saves green.”

Industrial Wireless 

During his keynote, Zornio announced Emerson has surpassed 1 billion hours of operation on its wireless devices, with 10,000 networks installed, and more than $350 million in wiring costs saved. “If you’ve been waiting for wireless to be mainstream, wait no longer,” Zornio said. 

One of the major themes and drivers of Emerson’s product development process in recent years has been a focus on usability. During his keynote address, Zornio reinforced that theme. “Some of the things that we’re doing and looking for can improve your overall experience and add usability to our products in ways that may be subtle, but when you actually go forward and you experience them, you say, ‘Hey, that’s a lot better,’” said Zornio. “I can see how this thing is much easier for me to handle and deal with and has a much more user-friendly experience.”