Preso Meters” Ellipse flowmeter has a patented elliptical design with aerodynamic characteristics that prevents loss of accuracy caused by fluid separation at the sensor body. The flowmeter is designed with a series of ports facing the upstream velocity pressures and flow sensing ports strategically located ahead of the trailing-edge flow separation. As a result of this design, the flowmeter is capable of greater accuracy than a conventional sensor in measuring the actual differential-pressure (DP) signal. It obtains +/- 3/4 percent accuracy of readings and a repeatability of +/- 0.1 percent of readings. It also achieved an impressive turndown ratio of 17-to-1 with no vacuum effects. The flowmeter offers energy savings, easy installation, and long-term repeatability in a variety of applications. The flowmeter features airfoil characteristics that offer very low permanent pressure loss and eliminates noise transmission.