Flaretite”spatented seals directly addresses the shortcomings of 30, 37, and45-degree flared fittings that have long been viewed as the standardfor hydraulic, pneumatic, special fluids, and gas applications. Whilestandard flared fittings have developed a reputation for succumbing toweeps under certain usage requirements and environmental conditions,and they are prone to damage as a result of over-torquing and failureas a result of under-torquing,Flaretite seals are designed to provide a tight, reliable seal under avariety of conditions.  The seals have concentric sealing ringsstamped down its flared face. Each of these rings (typically five) forma redundant seal across the sealing face. They are compressed whentorque is applied and compensate for misalignments or imperfections inthe tubing flare. In addition, the compressed sealing rings maintainthe fitting faces under compression, long after their initialinstallation, fortifying the fitting for higher pressure and moredemanding applications. Each seal is coated with Loctite’s Vibra-Sealcoating, which enhances the seal’s performance by permanently stoppingany weeps or leaks caused by scratches, gouges, pitting, or productionimperfections in the tube or fitting. The coating also provideslubrication, thus preventing the sealing face from galling when thefitting is torqued. Finally, Loctite seals the outer edge of thefitting, providing environmental compatibility by preventing rustingand electrolysis damage due to harsh cleaning solvents, road salts, andproduct residue.