Parker”s OSPE electric actuator series is the company’s newest family of electric motor-driven, rodless actuator systems. It offers a modular solution that is designed to be compact and easy to install for new and retrofit applications. The OSPE Series comes with different drive trains to solve varying demands regarding speed, thrust force, length, and precision. The design flexibility that the OSPE The series offers design flexibility for belt-driven or screw-driven actuation to makes horizontal- or vertical-orientation applications a snapeasier. The belt-driven actuators solve high dynamic, speed, length, and load requirements in light- to heavy-duty applications, while the screw-driven rodless actuators are designed for high- thrust force transmission in precise, reliable positioning applications. The OSPE Series includes OSPE B Belt Actuator, OSPE BHD Belt Actuator with Integrated Ball Bearing, OSPE SB Ball Screw Actuator, and OSPE ST Trapezoidal Screw Actuator. –