Endress+Hauser is offering a flowmeter sizing tool, called the Applicator, at www.us.endress.com/applicator. The Applicator tool is designed to help instrument and control engineers select the appropriate flow instrumentation for various process conditions and for specific wastewater, potable water and cement applications. Endress+Hauser says more application types will be available in the near future.

To use the tool, users can employ drop-down menus to provide information about the application, flowrates, media and other factors. For example, to determine the proper instrumentation for a Primary Clarifier in a wastewater application, the user clicks on Wastewater, selects Primary Clarifier on the process flow diagram, and clicks the icon for the point of measurement. The Applicator tool then displays the various appropriate flowmeters. The user can enter data on flow, pressure, temperature, density, viscosity, vapor pressure and other parameters — and the Applicator tool will size the flowmeter accordingly.

Other tools in Applicator allow a flowmeter to be selected according to the process media, connection standard required (AWWA, EN/DIN, ANSI, etc), fluid properties and gas mixtures. The Diaphragm Seal Sizing tool allows users to size and select the correct seal according to the sensor, span, membrane material, fill fluid, temperature and pressure. A Gamma Sizing Tool helps size a flowmeter for use in radiometric measurements for level, level limit and density applications.

The Project tool allows an engineer to save all of the project data from individual measuring points developed in the various tools for documentation purposes and to create tags that allow specified devices to be used in other applications. It also creates a “project tree” with hierarchical levels.