The Sensor Connection”s EGT diesel exhaust gas temperature sensor features an enclosed foul-proof probe tip that permits operation in biofuel and diesel engine applications. Manufactured in the United States from Inconel and 316SS, this type K thermocouple can withstand extreme conditions, making it a good fit for R&D and testing, as well as in various applications within the agricultural, marine, automotive/racing industries (truck engine management systems, LNP injection systems). The sensor is capable of surviving extreme vibration and heat up to 1,200 C. The foul-proof sensing tip is recommended for EGT temperature measurements of sulfuric fuels, such as diesel and biofuels. Measuring 0.187″ in diameter (4.75 mm), the probe will fit most diesel engine exhaust systems from 0.750” (19 mm) to four inches (100 mm) in diameter with nominal installation modifications. A 90-degree bend to the probe accommodates tight-spaced mounting locations. An adjustable (316 Stainless Steel) 1/8″ NPT compression fitting adapter is included. The EGT probe cable, over-braided in stainless steel for heavy-duty abrasion resistance, extends six feet (two meters) in length. Signal wires are Teflon insulated.