A positive effect from the recent economic downturn is that businesses learned how to make the most of their resources. When capital is low, obtaining accurate measurements and low waste become even more important than during “normal” economic conditions. Business adapted to survive during the downturn, and now they stand to reap benefits from these strategies in a recovering environment.

To make the most of current resources, operators can optimize processes to save money and increase productivity and efficiency while maintaining quality and safety. This month’s cover series includes an article from the Hydraulic Institute on pump system optimization as well as a discussion on flowmeter optimization by Bronkhorst USA.

Ingersoll Rand, ARO, OTC

Flow Control Editor in Chief Robyn Tucker met with Ingersoll Rand and ARO at OTC.

Motors and drives contribute to optimization strategies, so the first of two special sections deals with this topic. Xylem includes an article on HVAC control, and Danfoss Drives presents best practices for variable frequency operation.

Our next special section on tubing and hoses includes two articles that can help operators avoid costly error with this critical equipment. Emerson shows us how to perform coiled tubing cleanouts correctly. Trelleborg Oil & Marine discusses how hose management and maintenance are critically important to the oil industry’s focus on safety.

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