Mouvex’s Micro C-Series pump is designed to meet the requirements of various continuous dosing applications within the food processing industry. It is constructed with a seal-less design that allows leak-free operation without the need for magnetic couplings or mechanical seals. The design also results in consistent pump performance that is minimally affected by fluctuations in pump pressure or product viscosity, while providing low shear. The pump is designed for continuous transfer and metering applications, with flowrates from 1 to 800 liters per hour (0.26 to 211 gallons per hour). Stainless-steel construction and shear-sensitive operation make the pumps a good fit for food processing applications. The pump also meets the sanitary requirements of 3A, FDA and European Hygienic Equipment and Design (EHEDG) certification and has clean-in-place (CIP) capabilities that are enhanced by its lack of a product retention zone. The smaller footprint allows it to integrate into the tightest operating environments. It has self-priming and dry-run capabilities with strong suction lift that enables it to clear pipes (Link to “Pipe” focus area.), even with high-viscosity products. Its quick-dismantling design makes for easier maintenance. The Micro C is the smaller series of eccentric disc pumps from Mouvex. The Mouvex original C-Series pumps are capable of handling viscosities of up to 10,000 Cp, working pressures up to 9 bar (130 PSI) and capacities of 15 to 600 lpm (4 to 158 gpm).