Earth Tech Inc. (, a provider of consulting, engineering, construction, and operations services, has begun work with SA Water ( on a USD$4.2 million (AUD$4.7 million) extension of the Virginia Pipeline Scheme to deliver an additional three billion litres a year of Class A recycled water to the Angle Vale area in the Northern Adelaide Plains in Australia. The project is being managed by SA Water and funded by the South Australian government and the Australian Government Water Fund under the Water Smart Australia program.

Earth Tech will design and build a new 20-kilometre pipeline network to deliver recycled water to existing horticulturists and market gardeners at Angle Vale and open up new land for irrigation. The extension is expected to be completed by September 2008.

Earth Tech currently supplies about 40% of Australia’s Class A recycled water and is the country’s largest supplier of recycled water for farming. The company operates over 200km of pipeline networks that supply recycled water directly to more than 360 customers, mainly for food production, recreational facilities, and residential uses such as toilet flushing and garden watering.

The Virginia Pipeline Scheme is operated by Earth Tech and currently supplies 15 billion litres a year of Class A recycled water. It was Australia’s first major water recycling project and remains one of the world’s largest and longest running high-quality water recycling schemes.