Dwyer DCAL 1000Dwyer Instruments Inc.’s Model DCAL 1000 Calibration Software and Interface is used to verify calibration and calibrate and manage calibration certificates for wired and wireless test equipment probes used with the Model UHH, Series AQTI, or the Mobile Meter software. No external power is needed for the interface, as it draws its power directly from the USB port on the PC. LEDs on the front panel indicate that the unit has power and when it is communicating to a wired or wireless probe. The PC software allows the user to select what type of operation is needed and which available probe that the user would like to calibrate and/or certify. It also keeps a record of all of the certificates that were generated through the software for future regenerating of the certificate. The software guides the user through the calibration process while giving the flexibility for the user to determine the required number of measurement points for each calibration and certificate. It also informs the user if the probe is no longer capable of being recalibrated.