Hengli Petrochemical Company, based in Dalian, China, signed a contract to use processing technology from DuPont in a new refinery in the Changxing Island Harbor Industrial Zone.

The contract announced by DuPont Clean Technologies includes license and engineering design packages for the company’s STRATCO alkylation and MECS spent acid regeneration (SAR) units.

STRATCO alkylation technology will allow the refinery complex to produce a high-quality alkylate product (used as a blending component in the gasoline pool) from a 100 percent isobutylene feed stream.

“DuPont is pleased to provide Hengli Petrochemical with our world-class sulfuric acid alkylation technology to improve the overall gasoline pool from the refinery,” said Kevin Bockwinkel, global business manager for STRATCO Alkylation Technology. “The unique feed stream (100-percent isobutylene) available from the Hengli Petrochemical facility marks the beginning of a new era for alkylation in the gasoline market as the butane-to-alkylate movement grows around the world.”

The alkylation unit’s STRATCO Contactor reactor will include DuPont’s patented XP2 technology to ensure the most effective and efficient use of the tube bundle heat transfer area. According to DuPont, this provides significant process benefits and results in improved alkylate product quality.

The new units are planned to be installed in 2018, with startup anticipated in 2019.