KROHNE”sUFM 3030 ultrasonic flowmeters are three-beam systems that featuredigital signal processing (DSP) for improved accuracy. They are a goodfit for the measurement of liquid hydrocarbons; acid and causticliquids, ranging from nitric acid to caustic soda; nonorganicsubstances such as sulphur and chlorine; and organic chemicals. Themeters are also capable of measuring everything from heavy crude oilsto liquefied gases (LPG’s) including bitumen. In water applications,the meters can be used for cooling water and demineralized water. Fortube diameters greater than eight inches, the meters are more costeffective than a traditional magnetic flowmeter. The meters feature anunobstructed flow path design with a smooth surface finish, as well asno moving parts, preventing material buildup and minimizingmaintenance. The meters also offer a batching function and optionalinputs of pressure and temperature for corrected volume or calculatedmass flow measurements.