Baumer’s industrial pressure gauge MEX5 is designed for use in corrosive atmospheres and fluids. The gauge, with its diameter of 100 mm, comes with a special dashpot for vibration resistance that, in some cases, eliminates the need for dampening liquid. The gauge is intended for process industries, such as the chemical, petro-chemical, energy, or gas industries. ATEX and GOST approved, the gauge can also be used for measuring the pressure in tanks on ships. The gauge has a stainless-steel sensing element and fully welded process connection. It supports an accuracy of one according to European norm EN 837-1 and conforms to Pressure Directive PED 97/23/CE. Available options include water-glycerin and silicon. The mechanical dampening achieved by the dashpot amounts to +/-1.6 percent of the measured pressure for the ranges 0-1 bar, 0-1.6 bar, and 0-2.5 bar. For pressures > 2.5 bar, the dashpot achieves a mechanical dampening effect of +/-1 percent.