Dresser-Rand, a supplier of rotating equipment solutions to the oil, gas, petrochemical, power, and process industries, reached an agreement with Honeywell to combine Dresser-Rand centrifugal compressor knowledge and experience with the Honeywell Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS), with the aim of granting plant managers control of not only turbomachinery, but also plant equipment using a single completely integrated control platform.

Under the agreement, Dresser-Rand will embed its proprietary anti-surge control and load sharing programs into the Honeywell Experion C300-20 controller. It will also allow Dresser-Rand to design and manufacture turbomachinery control systems using the Honeywell Experion C300-20 controller.

The Experion PKS Turbomachinery Control Solution provides an open, unified control platform that delivers turbine control, compressor automation, compressor anti-surge protection, and plant and safety controls. It consolidates plant equipment controls onto a single platform, which enables easy integration. The open control platform can be easily maintained and upgraded if necessary and improves process visibility and safety.

The agreement was reached after Dresser-Rand and Honeywell successfully tested Honeywell’s Experion C300-20 controller with Dresser-Rand’s embedded proprietary centrifugal anti-surge control, to determine its capability to safely and reliably control and protect centrifugal compressors.