Dresser Machinery Co. Ltd. (DMS), a Dresser Inc (www.dresser.com). facility that manufacturers Dresser Consolidated pressure relief valves, as well as a variety of products for other Dresser business units, is the first valve manufacturer in China to receive the ASME “V” stamp for the manufacture of safety valves for boilers.

Located in Suzhou, DMS is a wholly-owned Chinese subsidiary of Dresser, manufacturing pressure relief valves, control valves, gas meters and regulators, and other products. Opened in September 2005, DMS’ 83,400 square-foot (7,448 square-meter) plant was built to meet the needs of the rapidly growing Chinese, Asian, and global marketplaces. DMS joins Dresser Consolidated’s network of production and aftermarket facilities around the globe in supplying a range of pressure-relief valves and parts for use in new construction and maintenance projects worldwide. The company offers steam, water, and air-testing capabilities, as well as training facilities and a full service center.

DMS also holds the ASME “UV” stamp for the manufacture of pressure vessel pressure relief valves, as well as ISO certifications. The facility expects to receive CQSIQ and PED certification in late 2006.