McCrometer”s V-Conesteam flowmeter is designed to deliver precision steam flow measurementin a space-saver design that eliminates many of the common equipmentlayout headaches typically associated with a wide variety of processesrequiring steam injection or heating, as well as in HVAC systems forplants and institutional facilities. Themeter is a differential-pressure based measurement system engineeredspecifically to support steam applications. It provides accurate flowmeasurement in steam process lines, connecting boilers with processequipment or HVAC systems. At the same time, the meter’sself-conditioning flow design eliminates most of the straight-piperequirements typically required by many flowmeter technologies bycontrolling swirl and other flow disturbances in the pipe that affectmeasurement accuracy. Accurate to +/- 0.5 percent, with a repeatabilityof +/- 0.1 percent, the meter requires only zero to three pipe straightdiameters upstream and zero to one diameters downstream from themeter. The meter supports a flow range of 10-to-one.