Effective Oct. 15, Dow Chemical Company (www.dow.com) will increase off-list prices for all UCON brand fluids and lubricants sold in North America. The following increases will apply:
• Off-list prices of UCON Hydrolube Concentrates will increase by $0.03 per pound
• Off-list prices of UCON Fully Formulated Hydrolubes and high-pressure fluids by $0.02 per pound
• Off-list prices of UCON Lub LB and SYNALOX* polyglycols PB-series base fluids by $0.05 per pound
• Off-list prices of UCON Lub HB and H-series base fluids by $0.05 per pound
• Off-list prices of UCON TPEG and MPEG products by $0.03 per pound
• Off-list prices of the following formulated UCON Fluids and Lubricants or their off-brand equivalents by $0.05 per pound:
– UCON Calendar Lubricants
– UCONALL Lubricants
– UCON Textile and Rubber Lubricant
– UCON Coating Fluid
– UCON Sugar Lubricants
– UCON Solder Assist Fluids
– UCON Heat Transfer Fluids
– UCON Metalworking Lubricants
– UCON Process Fluids
– UCON Compressor Lubricants
– UCON Food Grade Lubricants
– UCON LB-X Lubricants
– UCON Hydraulic Fluids
– UCON Formulated HB- and H-series Lubricants
– UCON Quenchants

In addition, Dow will increase off-list prices by $0.40 per gallon for all low temperature thermal fluids with the exception of DOWFROST RV heat transfer fluid, which will increase by $0.05 per pound. The $0.40 per gallon price increase will apply to the following product families and will include all concentrates, solutions, cleaners, degreasers, and inhibitors:

  • DOWTHERM heat transfer agents
  • DOWFROST heat transfer mediums (except DOWFROST RV heat transfer medium)
  • UCARTM HTF Inhibitor fluids
  • UCARTHERMTM ethylene glycol based heat transfer fluids
  • AMBITROL* coolants
  • NORKOOLTM coolants
  • PROTHERMTM propylene glycol coolants
  • FOODFREEZETM heat transfer fluids

— Flow Control Staff