Pump Solutions Group (PSG), a business unit operating within the Fluid Solutions platform of Dover’s Engineered Systems, a segment of Dover Corporation, has acquired Quattroflow Fluid System GmbH & Co. KG in Germany.

Quattroflow products primarily serve the pharmaceutical and biotech industries that require high containment, purity and cleanability. Quattroflow’s positive-displacement pumps incorporate a four-piston diaphragm technology with no mechanical seals and are driven by an eccentric shaft and motor. This pump technology can be found in multiple- or single-use applications, such as cross-flow systems, chromatography devices and centrifuges.

With this acquisition, Quattroflow joins a family portfolio of pump technologies that includes global brands such as Almatec, Blackmer, EnviroGear, Griswold, Mouvex, Neptune, RedScrew, and Wilden.

PSG has facilities in the U.S., France, Germany, India, and China.