Assmann Corporation’s IMT line of double-wall tanks provide primary and secondary containment in one integral space-saving unit. The line includes smaller tanks at 20, 40, 65, 85, 120 and 165 gallon units, as well as larger 150 and 250 gallon units. The tanks are designed for storing hazardous and corrosive chemicals inside or outside. The tanks feature Assmann’s IMT system, which consists of a primary inner tank and a secondary outer tank. The secondary outer tank has 120 percent capacity of the inner tank, which exceeds EPA standards for secondary containment basins. Inner tank dome overlaps the outer tank’s sidewall, which prevents rain, snow, and debris from entering the secondary containment tank. All eight sizes are equipped with a molded-in, recessed pump shelf in the top of the primary tank that contains small chemical spills and is designed for installing chemical pumps and metering equipment.