BuTech ValveBuTech has released a new version of its Double Block and Bleed Valve (DBB Valve). The DBB valves are space saving valves that remove the need for large and complicated multivalve systems. These valves allow sections of a piping system to be isolated for maintenance, with a drain valve between them, ensuring that unwanted pressure doesn’t get into the section being serviced. The new version of the DBB Valve is rated to 15,000 PSIG, with two trunnion isolation ball valves, each with a ½-inch orifice, and a needle valve to bleed pressure. The valve can be configured to connect up to most sizes of tubing with all connection styles. The valves are primarily made from 316 stainless steel, but can be machined from other machinable alloys to meet specific needs. – www.haskel.com