The Department of Energy”s Industrial Technologies Program ( released two new energy bandwidth studies, one for pretroleum-refining processes and one for industrial-glass manufacturing. The studies are designed to help identify the greatest potential for energy-efficiency improvements in industrial systems and to provide guidance for future R&D efforts in such environments.

The study for petroleum refining, titled Energy Bandwidth for Petroleum Refining Processes, evaluates the theoretical minimum, practical minimum, and current average energy requirements for the five different processes that make up petroleum refining to arrive at the bandwidth, or the amount of energy that can be recovered through energy management and state-of-the-art technologies. To download a copy of this study, vist

The industrial glass study, titled Industrial Glass Bandwidth Analysis, examines the most energy intensive parts of the glassmaking process to determine energy losses that can be recovered through improved technologies and operating practices. To download a copy of this study, visit