The Department of Energy’s Industrial Technologies Program ( is touting its Save Energy Now initiative as a tool to help American businesses, factories, and manufacturing facilities save energy in the face of diminished supplies and rising energy costs.

As part of this effort, the DOE is sending teams of qualified efficiency experts to the nation”s most energy-intensive manufacturing facilities to identify immediate opportunities to save energy and money, primarily by focusing on steam and process heating systems. These processes consume nearly 80 percent of the energy used by U.S. industry, according to the DOE. Companies including 3M, Alcoa, Dupont, the J. R. Simplot Company, and Weyerhaeuser have undergone assessments.

In addition, the DOE will send information to as many as 50,000 plants detailing ways to reduce natural gas and electricity use. For more information on the Save Energy Now program, visit To apply for an energy assessment, visit

— Flow Control Staff