Sensorex’s DO6400 and DO6441 Process Dissolved Oxygen Sensors are reliable, fast-response, submersible galvanic sensors for long-term continuous deployment in wastewater and aquaculture applications. Their galvanic sensor construction and electronics offer a low lifecycle cost instrument for use in submerged water applications. The sensors feature galvanic cell technology and a large volume electrolyte reservoir for long-term continuous deployments. The membrane is available in either Teflon or wide-span HDPE membrane for faster response. An optional integral temperature sensor is also available for both models. The DO6400 model features an mV output (0.25-20 PPM) and the DO6441 offers a built-in 4-20mA output (0-100 percent and 0-200 percent). The DO6400 sensors have a positive fit and easy-to-grip body design. They feature a Noryl body with silver cathode and operate at temperatures up to 50 C. The Model DO6441T sensor for aquaculture applications offers a factory-calibrated 4-20mA output for direct PLC interface. The DO6400 Series is compatible with the Sensorex DO500 and DOMA 4-20ma loop-powered transmitters. The transmitter display can be programmed to read percent saturation, mg/mL, or PPM DO. Temperature is also visible on the display via a Pt100 temperature sensor (automatic) or manual input.