Invensys Operations Management has introduced a family of high-performance, disposable pH sensors in the widely used 12 mm form factor. The new Foxboro brand PH12 Series includes a polyetheretherketone (PEEK) bodied sensor. The PH12 family of electrochemical sensors also features advanced diagnostics, fast response, long life and high accuracy and stability. The PH12 sensor family is available in the PEEK or a glass body, either of which is available with a high-performing flat, ruggedized glass pH electrode or a domed pH electrode. Temperature performance range is from minus 15 C up to 125 C, contributing to the ruggedness and length of service life. The PEEK-bodied sensor family also provides additional chemical resistance and durability. A Nafion ion barrier in all PH12 family sensors protects the reference junction and a built-in, nonmetallic (Kynar) solution ground enables cost-effective sensor diagnostics. Invensys is also offering a new selection of Foxboro FIT12 mounting accessories, including NPT, ANSI flange and sanitary versions with configurable dimensions, sensor protection and materials of construction.