Direct Fuels (, an independent regional fuel distributor and specialty refiner in North Texas, opened a biodiesel production facility at its refinery in Euless, Texas, making it just the second producer of biodiesel in North Texas and the first located at a fuel terminal so biodiesel can be blended directly into petroleum diesel.

Direct Fuels has implemented a production technology that allows significant flexibility in terms of the choice of feedstock used to produce the biodiesel. Initially, the company will utilize a blend of different animal fats, but that will change depending upon market conditions, according to a company press release. The Direct Fuels facility is designed with a blending system at its truck loading rack so that customers can request any blend that meets their needs – whether it is pure biodiesel (referred to as B100), a five percent blend of biodiesel (referred to as B5), or something in between. Production at the facility started last month, and the Direct Fuels facility has the capacity to produce more than 10 million gallons of biodiesel per year.