FIELDVUE Valve ControllerEmerson’s new FIELDVUE DVC6200 SIS digital valve controller responds to safety demands and features partial-stroke and position monitoring capabilities for the final control element in a safety instrumented system (SIS). Intelligent, automatic partial-stroke valve testing provides improved safety and reliability versus traditional pneumatic and jammer partial stroke methods. The DVC6200 SIS digital valve controller combines the field-proven, linkage-less, non-contact feedback design of the DVC6200 and DVC2000 platforms with the safety demand and automatic partial-stroke testing capability of the DVC6000 SIS. The DVC6200 SIS digital valve controller has been evaluated to the latest version of IEC 61508 (2010) and is certified as a SIL 3 capable device for both 4 or 20mA and 0 or 24Vdc power settings. An integral position transmitter is available with the DVC6200 SIS digital valve controller, and is capable of reading valve position even upon loss of power to the digital valve controller. The position monitoring safety function has been evaluated independently from the digital valve controller safety function and is SIL 2 capable. Partial-stroke valve testing can be used in service to safely increase the period of time between proof-testing the final control element. Additionally, the DVC6200 SIS digital valve controller confirms solenoid operation and captures useful diagnostic data during a trip event.