Honeywell’s HumidIcon Digital Humidity/Temperature Sensors, HIH-6130/6131 Series, combine digital-output relative humidity and temperature sensing. The sensors are designed for potential use in HVAC-refrigeration, respiratory therapy, medical incubators, and medical microenvironment applications. A Total Error Band provides accuracy of +/-5 percent RH over a compensated temperature range of 5 C to 50 C (41 F to 122 F) and 10 percent RH to 90 percent RH. The sensors offer stability of 1.2 percent RH over five years and require a lower five-hour rehydration process under ambient conditions (>50 percent RH). The sensors have a laser-trimmed, thermoset polymer capacitive-sensing element with multilayer construction, which provides resistance to many application hazards such as condensation, dust, dirt, oils and common environmental chemicals. The sensor can operate down to 2.3 Vdc, which allows for use in low-energy and wireless-compatible applications. Optional 1 or 2 percent RH-level alarm outputs monitor RH levels. The sensors have a 14-bit humidity sensor resolution and 14-bit temperature sensor resolution. The SOIC-8 SMD (Surface Mount Device) package comes in two configurations: the HIH-6130 (no filter, non-condensing) and the HIH-6131 (hydrophobic filter and condensation-resistant).