KROHNE”s Summit FC8800 Digital Flow Computer features a graphic display and a modern processor with a 0.25-second processing cycle. The flow computer utilizes a dedicated processor per I/O board. Internal operations are based on KROHNE”s Application Builder Software, and there is a removable 2GB card to store data. For ease of operation/handling, a scroll-and-click navigation is employed, and KROHNE has added a large, easy-to-read color display, with multi-color traffic light guidance and touch-screen operation. The flow computer is a modular design, which allows the user to plug in I/O boards as needed for up to eight streams, analyzers or additional communications. An optional, personalized electronic proximity key is available for added security. Security also includes multi-level access and an authorization level, as well as separate fiscal and maintenance data, permitting remote maintenance without compromises. The security system provides a full audit trail with personalized IDs.