Diener Precision Pumps, Gear Pumps, Chemicals, Energy, Plumbing, Manifold Mounting, Magnetic CouplingsDiener Precision Pumps' Silencer Series of gear pumps are designed for OEM applications. The pumps feature pulseless flow resistance to chemically aggressive fluids, durability, ease of cleaning, and quiet operation. The construction of the Silencer Series is designed to ensure long life and make them easy to clean. Wetted materials are chosen to withstand a wide range of aggressive chemicals. The gears and shaft bearings have been optimized to help ensure a long, trouble-free life and very low power consumption. The pumps are suited for aggressive applications requiring high pressure at low flow. The manifold mounting is designed to simplify the plumbing and reduce the installed cost in a system, and magnetic couplings are included to help prevent pump leaks. Pumps support flowrates up to 1,500 ml/min.

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