Interstate Specialty Products” custom membranes and filter media are die-cut and packaged to match precise customer requirements for separating air, liquids, and particulates. The die-cut membranes and filter media are manufactured using digital die-less cutting or high-speed die cutting, slitting, multilayer laminating, and special packaging; all performed in a positive pressure facility or clean room, as specified. Materials offered include Mupor PTFE microporous plastic, Typar, Reemay, woven and nonwoven filter media, polyethersulfone, hydrophobic and hyrdophilic membranes, and cellulose. Supplied on rolls or sheets with or without an adhesive backing, Interstate Custom Die-Cut Membranes and Filter Media can be produced using digital die-less methods in sizes from under one-inch sq., +/-0.005-inch tolerance, depending upon material and small quantities. Primary applications include chemical process, chromatography, bioscience, food/pharmaceutical, medical, and wastewater.