RLE Technologies”SeaHawk LD5100 is a distance read system designed to pinpoint the exactlocation of any conductive fluid on up to 5,000 feet of RLE patentedSeaHawk Leak Detection Cable (SC). As successor to the SeaHawk LD5000,the LD5100 offers a lighter weight and more compact form factor. Systemupgrades include: improved detection accuracy in distance measurementon short and long lengths of cable within plus/minus two feet ofcable;  increased configurability with the addition of up to 12virtual zones;  and expanded integration capabilities withexisting Building Management Systems (BMS) and/or Network ManagementSystems (NMS) with dual Modbus. The LD5100 also got a face lift, nowdonning a backlit graphic liquid crystal display (LCD). Similar to itspredecessor, the LD5100 works in conjunction with SC cable. When aconductive fluid comes in contact with SC cable or SeaHawk zone spotdetectors (SDZ), the system pinpoints the location of the leak orleaks. The system then annunciates the alarm and the LCD provides adistance measurement. The physical location of the leak can then bedetermined by cross-referencing the distance displayed with a referencemap of the user”s site.