Many of the industries that we feature in Flow Control are experiencing high business activity. During my time with the HVAC industry at this year’s AHR Expo, the mood was positive and the crowds were thick. Most people we spoke with were thrilled with the conversations they had at the show and had a positive outlook for 2016.

In May, our team will attend the Offshore Technology Conference, and the oil and gas industry is the focus of this month’s issue. The struggles of this industry are evident, and while the nation enjoys low prices at the pump, oil and gas professionals work to improve processes, maintain equipment and continue to produce profits. Our goal, as always, is to provide content that helps our readers improve efficiency, production and end-product results, and we continue that trend this month.

In our cover series, verifying flow meter calibration and how flow meters are used in the storage of hydrocarbons in western Canada are featured. Gas compression is critical at all stages of production and refining. The use of reciprocating compressors in upstream and downstream facilities is also discussed.

Important to every flow system is an efficient and properly operating pump (or often multiple pumps). This month, we gain insight from Michael Michaud and Pete Gaydon with the Hydraulic Institute on the recently published Department of Energy Pump Efficiency Rule. We hope this conversation helps you know what you must do and look for to comply with the rule by Jan. 26, 2020.

Our industries have so much going on right now, and we want to cover the issues and equipment important to you. Let us know your pain points and successes so that we can help provide solutions for your problems and help you celebrate your wins.