Siemens Energy & Automation”sSitrans LR260 two-wire radarcontinuous level transmitter is designed for level measurement ofvirtually any solid medium, including cement powder, fly-ash, coal,gypsum, flour, grain, aggregates, and plastics. The transmitterfeatures echo processing and 25 gigahertzpulse technology and is capable of reliably measuring up to a distanceof 98 feet (30 meters) in environments with extreme dust load and hightemperatures up to 392 F. The instrument”s multilingual Quick StartWizard enables easy programming. The transmitter can be programmed viaanintrinsically safe infrared handheld programmer or remotely using Simatic PDM viaHart or Profibus PA without opening the lid of the device, thuspreventing exposure of the electronics to dirty environments. Thegraphical local user interface (LUI) displays echo profiles anddiagnostic information. Self diagnostics communicate to the local display and across the mA loop or network. The 25 gigahertz technology allows for aspace-saving small horn antenna for installation in small openings, andthe concentrated high frequency beam ensures minimal interference fromvessel walls.