Exact Flow”s Exact Dual-Rotor Subsea Turbine Flowmeter features bearing diagnostic capability and wide flow range performance for subsea hydraulic pod valve actuation and topside flow applications in the offshore oil industry. In hydraulic fluid applications, it is packaged in a high-pressure, manifold-mounted system with built-in redundancy. The meter”s unique design enhances Universal Viscosity Curves (UVCs) and extends the usable flow measurement range. The meter also offers bearing diagnostics, improved accuracy, pressure compensation, long-life ceramic bearings and high-shock internals. The meter features repeatable flow range of up to 500-to-1 and a UVC turndown range of 60-to-1, in contrast to 100-to-1 and 10-to-1, respectively, for many single-rotor turbine meters. All turbine flowmeters are calibrated at Flow Dynamics, an NVLAP-accredited facility, with uncertainties of ≤0.05 percent of rate and +/-0.012 percent repeatability. Calibrations are offered in 1.2 cSt solvent, blended oils and water with 10, 20 or 30 calibration data points. UVCs are developed over the min/max temperature range of the process fluid.