Zero-Max”s Composite Disc Couplings for the wind turbineindustry are designed with patented composite discpacks at both ends of a center spacer, providing strength and flexibility at the same time. The packs provide a distinctadvantage over other coupling component designs by allowing a surplusof parallel and axial misalignment, while remaining torsionally stiffthrough all harmonic ranges of the wind turbine’s oscillating load. Depending on application, the Zero-Max’s center spacers can be machinedout of steel, composite glass fiber or 6061-T6 aluminum. Through theuse of Finite Element Analysis (FEA), the center spacers can beengineered to withstand in excess of 70,000 Nm of torque depending onthe material selected. Thecoupling’s composite material withstands temperature extremes from -57 C to +121 C.