MilliporeCorporation”s Mobius FlexReady systems feature the company”s Flexwaresingle-use filter assemblies and process-ready hardware systemsoptimized for clarification, media and buffer preparation; tangentialflow filtration (TFF); and virus filtration unit operations. The systems areaccompanied by support and services designed to help users maximizeresource productivity and reduce risk.  With the systems users can install equipment, configureapplications and validate their processes,shortening development and manufacturing time. The pre-assembled,pre-tested Flexware assemblies include Millipore technologies,such as Millistak+ Pod filters; Pellicon 3 TFF cassettes, ViresolvePro parvovirus removal filters, Millipore Express sterilizing-gradefilters and Lynx sterile connectors, as well as Mobius single-usemixing and storage systems. The process-ready hardware systems areergonomically designed for faster setup, maximum adaptability tochanging process needs and minimized operator error risk.