Sierra Instruments” Cal=Trak XL primary standard gas flow calibrator isdesigned for high flows up to 500 SLPM. The calibrator is a good fitfor calibration of gas measuring instruments, including mass flowmetersand controllers and offers accuracy of +/- 0.25 percent of reading. Thedimensionally based primary accuracy of the device is backed by arigorous uncertainty analysis. At 24″W x 30″H x 12″D, the calibratorcan fit on any laboratory bench. It can be used in the manufacture,inspection, validation and recalibration of mass flow controllers,flowmeters and other varieties of flow equipment with flowrates toohigh for common primary standard devices. In either manual or automaticoperation, the calibrator measures, displays and outputs the flow ofgas, either in mass or volumetric units. The menu-driven configurationallows end-users to customize the calibrator to fit changing needs. The single integrated piston chamber of the calibrator can measureflows from 5 SLPM to 500 SLPM, over a 100-to-1 range. The Cal=Trakfamily of products provides primary NIST traceability, is manufacturedunder ISO 17025 certification, and is CE approved.