Fluids Components International’s FLT flow and level switchesprovide monitoring, controlling, and alarming on flow rates or levelsof critical fluids, such as water, air, gases, coolants, and lubricantsused in metals and material processing and equipment. The switches’rugged, industrial design and housing provide reliability andlong service life under harsh plant environments. The switches are dual-function instruments that provide both flow &temperature or level & temperature sensing in a single device.Available in both insertion and in-line styles for either pipe or tubeinstallation, a single FLT measures and monitors flow or level andtemperature simultaneously with excellent accuracy andreliability. Dual 6A relay outputs are standard and areassignable to flow, level, or temperature. The switchesoperate over a wide flow range in water from 0.01 to 3.0 FPS(0.003  to  0.9  MPS),  making it  suitablefor water-cooling  and  equipment-lubricantapplications. Sandard configuration withstands operatingtemperatures up to 350 F (177°C). Optional versions are availableup to 850 F (454 C).