Emerson ProcessManagement”s Rosemount 2130 vibrating fork liquid level switch is designed for use inextremes of temperature from -94 F to +500 F (-70 C to +260 C).The new version has built-in fault monitoring/self-checkingdiagnostics, making it a good fit for applications in the chemical, power generation and oil& gas industries. The level switch is already widely accepted for high- and low-level alarmand pump control duties and requires no on-sitecalibration. The addition of the extreme-temperature version expands the application range. A “heart-beat” LED gives an instant visual indication that the unit isoperational. A built-in fault monitoring/selfdiagnostic can detect any corrosion of the forks, or any otherinternal or external damage or breaks in the internal electricalwiring, thus triggering a warning LED and fail-safe handling of theload. A low-densityoption is availablefor liquids with a specific gravity down to 0.5 (500 kg/m3). Electronicoutput options support stand-alone use or integration as part ofan analog or digital plant monitoring network. Available with 316L stainless steel asstandard or corrosion-resistant alloy C wet side, as well as a choice ofaluminium or stainless steel housing options.