Mid-West Instrument”s new line of tank level gauges are designed specifically for cryogenic liquefied gas for both stationary and mobile applications. The 115/116 gauges feature a dry-bellows design with internal bi-directional relief valves with no liquid fill required to protect the unit from over-range. The 115/116 gauges are also a good fit for He and H2 service. LHe and LH2range gauges are 30 lbs lighter than similar gauges on the market, allowing more product to be transported. DP ranges from 0-10″ H2O to 0-415″ H2O (0-25 mbar to 0-1 bar).

Additional Benefits:
· Drop-in replacement for existing units
· Works for vertical or horizontal tanks
· 1000 PSI SWP is optimum for CO2 applications
· Custom dial faces (logo, dual or tri scale)
· Customer approved cleaning for oxygen (available)
· Two week delivery on standard units