NewAge Industries”Pureloc PFA fluoropolymer compression fittings are available in a dozenstyles. A good fit for mating with fluoropolymer tubing, the fittingsare used in clean-application industries, such as semiconductor, foodand beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, medical and biomedical,laboratory, chromatography, and others. Made from virgin-grade,chemically-inert PFA fluoropolymer, the fittings are well suited forpure fluid applications where contamination-free systems are required.Purelocs consist of four, precision-made parts (nut, gripper, ferrule,and body) designed for leak-proof connections. The fittings offersee-through construction to assure the user of proper fittinginstallation. The nut design has a ridged surface that is easy to gripand tighten. Styles available from stock consist of elbows, straightconnectors, tees, and adapters and now include reducing and bulkheadtypes. Sizes range from 1/8″ to 3/4″.