Water Standard Company (WSC, www.waterstandard.com), a water treatment company focused on desalination technology solutions, received commitments of up to $250 million in equity to develop its Seawater Desalination Vessels, which it is touting as a method to help ease the world”s growing water crisis and bringing needed water to disaster-stricken areas.

This pledge of equity is expected to give WSC the capability to bring desalination processes — which the company says can produce up to 300,000 cubic meters — to a worldwide market.

WSC”s desalination system is an ocean-going technology, with intake and discharge systems designed to minimize the impact on marine organisms and preserve the ocean”s ecological balance. Using on-board power generation the system is capable of operating independent of a land-based power grid, offering a drought proof, renewable source of water.

WSC is currently in negotiations with interested parties in Middle East, China, Australia, and the United States and is actively seeking local partners.