Wonderware”s DA Server provides connectivity to General Electric (GE) programmable logic controllers (PLCs), using GE”s Service Request Transfer Protocol (SRTP) to provide real-time, configurable read-and-write access from Wonderware software. The SRTP within the Wonderware DA Server is layered on top of TCP/IP in order to communicate with GE”s Series 90, Versamax, and Pacsystems PLCs. Based on standards-based ArchestrA technology, Wonderware”s SuiteLink protocol, OPC technology, and DDE to connect Wonderware software with third-party products and OPC-compliant devices and applications. The server also supports simultaneous connectivity to multiple client nodes, enabling users to expand their existing supervisory HMI, SCADA, and production and performance management applications. The server complies with the OPC 2.05 protocol, enabling interoperability with any OPC client application. OPC clients can browse the server”s configured tag database and obtain device tags for use in client applications.