ABB”s Navigator 600phosphate analyzer substantially reduces the amount of reagents andmaintenance generally associated with phosphate analysis. Aimed at the powergeneration industry and other large-scale steam raising industrialapplications, the Navigator 600 for phosphate uses 10 percent of thereagents typically consumed by analyzers. Remote management andautomatic calibration, zero, and cleaning help reduce maintenance. On-boarddiagnostics and predictive maintenance functions are designed tominimize unscheduled downtime. As a result, the new analyzer is capableof unattended operation for up to three months. A carefully designedwet section reduces annual maintenance attention for tubing and capstanreplacement. Accuracy is zero to 15 PPM PO4. The analyzer comes insingle or multi-stream configurations, enabling sequential monitoringof up to six streams. Output signals available include 4-20 mA,ethernet and optional Profibus DP V1. The user can program the unit forcontinuous or sampled measurements.